Resolution Solutions – 4 Ways to Keep Your Pledge

As soon as the calendar flips to January 1, it seems we are counting calories, pondering ways to incorporate relaxation into our routine, and thinking about life’s big picture. Make keeping those resolutions a smidge easier with these fun finds.

Your Resolution: Spend More Time Relaxing
Our Solution: Cabana Boy Coffee Mug

Don’t lift a finger, or a mug for that matter; have your cabana boy ready your outdoor space and prepare your coffee.

Your Resolution: Volunteer or Give Back to the Community
Our Solution: Rescue Dog Plaque

This reminder is sure to encourage you to house a rescue dog—at least for a few nights, if not forever.

Your Resolution: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Our Solution:
The Women Who Dared Book

Rebels, daredevils, and astounding adventurers—this book is stocked with stories from them all to inspire your own escapades.

Your Resolution: Make Exercise a Habit
Our Solution: Mermaid Water Bottle

Cute accessories are enough to make anyone want to hit the gym. Stay hydrated—and keep up the good habit—with this golden lady.

2 thoughts on “Resolution Solutions – 4 Ways to Keep Your Pledge”

  1. In 2018 my resolution is to increase the amount of volunteering of my time and resources for animals!!! To rescue (save) a dog or any animal will make your own heart healthier!!! In 2018 resolve to make your own heart healthier for animals!!!

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